What I offer

Weekend Retreats

with the Sacred Truffles & Tobacco

A deep dive into ourselves and an immersion into the healing realms of the plant spirits. The shamanic ceremonies mostly take place in a tipi, and sometimes in a yurt or a different natural setting where we form a circle around the altar and the fire; grounded settings to work with these Earth Medicines.


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These gatherings are always held within the best holding field for this work; Nature. The retreat consist of 2 ceremonies  in which we voyage with the Earth Medicines; supported by the fire, the daily sharing circles, live music and silence.
Natural ancient Plant Medicine like this take us on a full spectrum inner journey. Plant Spirits show us the new perspectives, lift the needle out of the conditioned groove, help us release blocked energy, warm our hearts and bring us back into harmony with Nature.
The ceremonial setting gives us the safe bedding to take this free dive into ourselves.
A journey with the Earth Medicines within a group proces can be deeply transformative, so for that reason some preparation is wise. To pay attention to how you eat, what you take in through the screens and how you spend your time is an invitation before we gather in the tipi or the yurt..
So the journeys starts when you feel the call and you ‘sign up’

Friday arrive around 17.30

Sunday around 12.30 we close the retreat.

Ceremonies on Friday night and Saturday afternoon/evening.


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Personal Guidance

Genuine meetings from heart to heart. Where all feelings are welcome and allowed to exist without judgement. In this energetic field we can start to find out what it means to heal and to remember who we are before our obstacles.

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Investment: 125,-
Duration: 90 minutes
5 sessions: 525,-

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This guidance is about truly feeling what it means to be a human being on this planet and giving space to all the feelings, emotions and sensations that arise during our time together. And all of what arises is fuel for more awareness, more sincerity  and more depth.
The sessions are held in nature; because nature is like a mirror. If we slow down and ‘listen’, she shows us how we truly feel. The natural elements (earth, water, fire, air) are the support to ‘feel’ and are like a red thread throughout these sessions.

Sound Ceremony 
with Micro Dose 

A introduction to the sacred psilocybin. A reuniting with the Swim tribe and the medicine.

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Sound Ceremony: 50,- (2,5 hours)

During these ‘get togethers’ we will share a micro dosage of the ‘lucky stars’ . The lucky stars are little psilocybin-cacao bonbons. The dosage might me micro, the effects could be macro. This is healing in tenderness and softness, and in going beyond the labels of micro and macro.

We restore, release and find balance again through the sound and the effects of this Earth medicine.

Minds clear, bodies rested and spirits joyful.

A nice opportunity for those that are new to the shamanic healing path and like to have an introduction to the psilocybin medicine, but also a moment of re-connection for the ones that are already part of the Swim tribe.

Sound Ceremony:
The healing sounds in association with the ‘lucky stars micro dose’ will guide us into deep bodily relaxation and help us open up to the landscape of feelings and emotions. This little ceremony gives us an opportunity to zoom out from the daily details and restore connection to ourselves again.
Also our senses will be opened more intensely and that in its turn leads to more intimacy with the present moment.


Micro Dose Program

The program is a 20 days guided micro dose trajectory.
A program like this invites us to make a commitment for a longer period of time. Because we stick to it for a longer period of time the spirit of the fungi will at some point bring to the surface the issues and imbalances that unconsciously play out in our lives.
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Investment: 250,-

Our awareness is slowly raised by the spirit and we start to the view our internal and external world through the lens of the spirit. Which gives us clarity on our behavior and makes us more receptive to the messages that nature is sending out to us for our healing journey.
The program elicit experiences and insights to bring more awareness to whatever needs more awareness.

The dosage is micro, the effects on our lives macro.
The program consists of one intake conversation to get clear on the intentions, one zoom talk (or live meeting if it fits our agenda) half way the proces to share whatever arises in the emotional landscape, and a ‘1 on 1 guided Nature Walk’ at the end of trajectory with a slightly higher dosage for integration and closure.

Private ceremony
with your own tribe

Put your tribe together and find a date; easy as that. The tipi will be our home for the ceremony, for 1 or 2 nights. You choose.
All will be taken care of, you just have to show up with your tribe.

Minimum of 4 participants.

Yoga classes in Amsterdam

During the week I teach yoga, breath work and (online) meditation. This is a great way for me to meet new people and to share my love for healing and consciousness.

If you consider a retreat with me it could also be nice way to meet and if you’ve done a retreat it could  be very helpful for integration.

See u in class.

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Weekly Schedule 

Monday – Vinyasa Flow

09.00 – 10.00

Yin Yang

10.30 – 11.30

Balanzs Yoga Prinseneiland

Tuesday – Circular Breathing

17.30 – 18.30

The White Door Studio

Wednesday – Circulair Breathing & Meditation (until nov 15)

12.30 – 13.45 

De Nieuwe Yoga School

Thursday – Circular Breathing
12.15 – 13.15
De Nieuwe Yoga School – teaching every other week

Sunday – Circulair Breathing

18.00 – 19.00

Yin Yoga

19.30 – 20.30

The White Door Studio

Purchase of the
micro dose Lucky Stars

The little ‘cacao micro-stars’ are also available for separate purchase. 

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The lucky stars bring a gentle love pulse through our physical and energetical body. A more intimate connection with ourselves, with those arounds us, with nature and the cosmos becomes more available. This connection is always and already there, the plant spirit just reminds us of that deep connection.
To feel that connection again makes us the lucky star!

0.2g psilocybin
05g cacao from brasil
0.1g frankincense

Minimum buy of 20 stars.

from 80,-

1 on 1 Breathwork

Discover the healing power of the deep circulair breath. A profound inner journey. Private sessions, duo sessions or small groups.

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Breathwork is designed to cleanse our energetic body. Emotions come back into motion and the rational mind, with its stories about ‘me’,  becomes less active. The connected breathing technique helps us greatly in releasing blockages and let energy flow again.

Also this technique helps us to remember who or what we are beyond our story. We can experience our Essence Here & Now as a deeply fulfilled alive emptiness, in which all of our humanness can be experienced. . Coming home to our deepest Self.

100,- ( 2 hours)